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5.0 out of 5 stars  Amazing Quality - Great Brand!!

By Angel Belt - December 10, 2015

Let me tell you, I own a LOT of clothing - and a LOT of fitness gear. Hawk Fitness makes amazing stuff and I won't hesitate to order more. The clothing is high quality, not the cheap crap you get from some of those chain stores. Support a small business and get some bad a** gear, too!

By Nicole
Absolutely amazing products! Very comfortable and just all around awesome!

Michelle Sierra
An apparel company that produces high quality products with an amazing message behind it and that's what caught me, the messages, their beliefs, the work put in to get these amazing products out for us all. I am completely addicted to their workout gear and probably own almost most of their items and love all of them.  I will continue to support this company to the fullest! Through it I've met people who I now call friends that give me (and everyone) the support they need in their fitness journeys! So much more then just a company and I can't put a price on what I've gotten out of this company/team.

Bethany German
My Go-To Gym Gear!,
This review is from: Hawk Fitness Apparel "Team Zero Fcks Given" Women"s Racerback Tank Top. Black (Apparel)
I 100% absolutely love the HawkFitness apparel gear beyond just this tank top. They fit ever so comfortably and are true to size. This was one of the first tank tops I ever purchased from them and it grew on me, I now can't stop buying their apparel. It has become my go to gym gear, and I get asked about it all the time. Want something amazing and ever so comfortable? I'd purchase this!

By Victoria Arsenault
There are not enough words to describe the amazingNess that is this company and its peoduct. Real people own this company theh care about their clients and their products. The shirts weat and wash amazing and I've gotten so many compliments on every shirt I've bought.

By Shari Ellefsonon
Everything you would expect out of workout apparel!
Absolutely amazing company with an even better message! The clothing is so comfortable. I would recommend this clothing to anyone!

By Jennifer Martinez
First off the message is amazing. Second the shirts fit like a charm
Where do I start. First off the message is amazing. Second the shirts fit like a charm. I have over 10 of their shirts and pants and all of them are sturdy and well put together. Each order comes with a hand written thank you and the owner is unbelievably receptive to feedback. Best fitness brand ever.

By Alisa H. Wayland
Awesome quality, amazing personalized customer service (how many companies write you a handwritten note??!), and the best gear out there!!! Highest recommendation!!