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Block them out.


It's just noise.


Let them debate who the fuck they think you are.


Let them debate where they think you will be.


It's NEVER as big as only YOU know you can become.


Success is a nasty, dirty, fucked up road with potholes filled with people hoping you fall into their shit trap.


Not everyone likes the truth.


The truth requires growth.


Growth requires work.


Work requires sacrifice.


If you want to achieve anything great...


You will cry.


You will want to give up.


You will want to hide.


You will want to fucking burn it all down and never start the fire again.


And then you will brush the ashes off.


Put your hands on your knees.


Push yourself up and make every motherfucker who ever put you down wish they never poured that gasoline on your fire.


They will start to see you're here to stay.


To run your own shit like a motherfuckin boss is the ultimate success.


To start a business isn't easy.


If you fail it will make you think of your flaws.


But if you find your flaws.


You will find your strength.


Special treatment: Everybody wants it nowadays but nobody wants to do any fucking work. 

Discounts, free shit, handouts all of these are things people expect for some reason.

But can we ask you? "What makes you special to receive a discount?" You got 1 million followers? Great! The same rules still apply to you.

You don't get the world handed to you just because of who you think you are.


You want what you want?

Get in the trenches like everyone else.

Diamonds aren't afraid to get cut.  We've worked damn hard to get to where we are, we give more than we get and the fuck we're going to put up with people's lack of respect for our value. 

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Do what makes your haters wish they fucked with you. 

If you don't have haters you're not trying hard enough.

If you're highly ambitious you will have negativity try to come your way and how you deal with that is what will desperate you from the pack. 

We stayed with this because we had no other option and now we will stick with this because we love it. 

Listen, I'm just a guy in a garage screen printing all of these tshirts by hand but I'm also the hardest worker you will ever meet and that's fucking guaranteed.

It was such a bitch to get here and even sell one shirt and now we sell to the UK and places we can't pronounce and for that we"re grateful. 

Use what you feel and create with that. Nothing else matters. 






Stay fucking creative. 

It's important for us to express how much creativity is a part of our culture at HFA.

You can use blues to enhance creativity.

You can go for a walk.

You can have a cup of that HOT SEX  that "is" coffee ☕️....or two birds one stone...you figure it out. 

If you're an artist of any kind, stress is something that can slow your progress. 

Some stress is needed to grow but learn to let go of shit that weighs you down. 

Not giving a fuck is amazing for your health. 

Stress releases cortisol, slows down fat burning and scientifically speaking, fucks your shit up. 

Before I started @hawkfitnessapparel I was a personal trainer for over a decade. 

Taking what I've learned from that has transferred tremendously to making t-shirts. 

So if you're a personal trainer and you're being told maybe only a few of your clients will buy your companies shirts 


Change your name. 

Remember this: Your health is the most important thing. 

Do what makes you happy and take control when shit doesn't go your way. 

Read empowering thoughts.

Speak empowering words


Live without a single fuck. 



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